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KumbaCam Phantom 2 Advanced FPV Kit for GoPro (7" LCD/5.8Ghz/1300ft range)

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  • DJI Phantom Advanced FPV Kit for Hero 3 (7" LCD/5.8Ghz/1300ft range)
  • DJI Phantom Advanced FPV Kit for Hero 3 (7" LCD/5.8Ghz/1300ft range)
  • DJI Phantom Advanced FPV Kit for Hero 3 (7" LCD/5.8Ghz/1300ft range)
RRP: $499.99
$449.99 (You save $50.00)
Usually ships within 24 hours.

 Product Description

KumbaCam Advanced FPV Kit - Universal

Lining up the perfect shot is hard, even for professionals or hobbyists with lots of experience! If you're looking to get as much usage as possible out of your DJI Phantom 1 or 2, you need the Advanced FPV Monitor Kit from KumbaCam. The tools included in this kit can help you check your shots for quality, line up your quadcopter for ideal video footage, and capture long-distance footage.

We know what videographers, both professional and amateur, want from their video footage. You want to get the best video possible without having to spend hours on configuration and set up. That's why we put together KumbaCam's Advanced FPV Monitor Kit. We looked at the DJI Phantom 1 and 2, two of the most powerful and easy-to-use quadcopters on the market, and figured out what we could do to make them even better for you. Then we took those qualities and put them into a kit for your convenience!

The Advanced FPV Monitor Kit has many accessories and tools that make your videography experience as smooth and easy as possible. On top of multiple chargers (so you don't have to worry about dead batteries) and a plastic case for your monitor's safety, we offer a high-quality transmitter and cloverleaf antennas.

Features of the Advance FPV Monitor Kit

  • Long-Distance Video Capture: While using the Advanced FPV Monitor Kit, you can enjoy a range of 1,300 feet/400 meters.
  • Sun Shade: Stop squinting at your monitor! The included sun shade can help you more easily enjoy your footage.
  • Diversity Antennas: There are two antennas on our FPV Monitor Kit. The two antennas will try to get the best footage they can. Your monitor automoatically transmits the more superior feed!
  • 7-Inch Monitor: It's tough to use a monitor with a tiny screen, so our FPV monitor has a full 7 inches of viewing space. Make sure you're getting the perfect shot without guessing.
  • Two Batteries: This kit comes with a 950 mAh and 460 mAh battery, giving you the chance to record longer and view longer.

Features of the Advanced FPV Monitor Kit

  • Long Range: The 5.8 Ghz receiver of the Basic FPV Monitor Kit has a range of 500 feet/150 meters while you're in open areas. This lets you use your camera to its full potential.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use: It really only takes a few minutes to set up the monitor for usage. Once the battery is charged, you can start using it right away.
  • Compatible with Many Different Cameras: The setup of the KumbaCam FPV Monitor is perfect for DJI Phantom cameras. However, you can use with other cameras as you wish!
  • Live Footage: Sometimes, monitors may lag behind in receiving video or showing you what your camera is capturing. The Basic FPV Monitor Kit is designed for immediate live footage with little to no latency, allowing you to adjust your shots and angles in real time.
  • Long Battery Life: The monitor's battery lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours, giving you plenty of time to capture the video you need and get the perfect shot.

Benefits of Using the Advanced FPV Monitor Kit

  • Little to no Latency: FPV Monitors are great, but how helpful is one if you're seeing everything 20 seconds late? When you're in range and in an open area, this kit offers little or no latency.
  • Immediate Feedback on Video: With little or no latency, you can immediately check out your video quality and make any changes that you need to make. You can make the most of your recording time.
  • Go Far and Wide: The range of the Advanced FPV Kit is superior to comprable kits on the market.
  • Charge At Home or On The Go: We know that you can't always sit at home and wait for your monitor to charge up. This kit comes with a wall charger as well as a car charger.
  • Get the Best Shots with Diversity Antennas: No longer do you have to rely on one antenna for your personal or professional videos. With two antennas, your chances of getting a clean, crisp video goes up.
  • Clean Set-Up: You don't want extra pieces and cords hanging off your expensive equipment. We've designed this kit to be as streamlined and crisp as possible.

Uses for the Advanced FPV Monitor Kit

  • DJI Phantom 1 and DJI Phantom 2
  • RC Cars
  • RB Boats
  • RC Planes
  • RC Helicopters
  • And... More!



 Installation Instructions


See The FPV Kit in Action


**Phantom 2 Owners**
If you are using the Zenmuse Gimbal (2-axis or 3-axis), you will need to buy a Plug N Play (PNP) Adapter (Taps into Phantom's power) or a Charger in order to charge the included batteries. (Flight time is about the same using the Phantom 2 PNP Adapter vs the included batteries)


  • Always make sure the transmitter battery is disconnected after use. Allowing it to drain may render the battery unable to charge on the Phantom battery charger.
  • Interference is normal.
  • Make sure the antennas are facing up and down.
  • Try to stay still. Face the copter and keep line of sight at all times.
  • Open fields are best. Avoid buildings, trees, wifi signals and power lines.
  • All Li-Pos ship with a half charge for safe storage. Please fully charge all batteries before use.
  • By default we include a GoPro Hero 3 video adapter. Hero 1 or Hero 2 adapter is available here.
  • If you have a JR/Spektrum transmitter you can purchase the adapter here.
  • Monitor will work in PAL and NTSC mode

**What's included?**

  • 7" FPV Monitor with built in Diversity Receiver (32 Channel / Range 1300Ft/400m in Open Area) (1024x600 Resolution / 1.5 - 2 Hour Battery Life)
  • Home Charger
  • Sun Shade (Helps Reduce Glare)
  • Plasic Case with Foam
  • Bracket to Mount Monitor to Transmitter (Futaba/DJI Mount)
  • 5.8 Ghz Transmitter (Twice the MiliWatts of the Basic FPV 400mW vs 200mW)
  • Cloverleaf Antennas (For Extended Range)
  • Allen Key
  • Power Adapter (To Charge Transmitter Battery on the DJI Phantom 1 Charger)
  • 2 Batteries (950 mAh and 460 mAh, Lasts Longer Then Display Battery)
  • Velcro (To Mount Battery and Transmitter)


Important Notice: Please check with your local laws pertaining to operating in the 5.8Ghz frequency at 400mW. For more information, please visit the KumbaCam's FAQ page.


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 Product Reviews

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  1. DJI Phantom 2 with Zenussen Gimbal Hero 3 Black, Kumba CAM FPV KIT (Amazon Review)

    Posted by Anthony R Fobia on Jul 8th 2015

    I decided to jump in and purchase the Kumba Cam kit as it appears to come with everything for a plug and play experience as well as one of the better range capabilities... It does. Just to be safe i did purchase the plug and play adaptor but for my initial needs it was not necessary. (you can get away without it) . I do not use the power cable from the zenmusen gimbal so the connection from the transmitter just plugs in.
    Use: I have flown this with my DJI Phantom 2 with the Zenmussen Gimbal and Hero 3 Black. After about a week of small close flights getting use to the FPV flight, I have recently been pushing the range of the transmitter. With Clear line of sight I have flown it well into the 1000 yard range ( this is beyond the 1300 ft advertising), the image begins to get a little grainy at about 800 yards with significant signal degradation at 800-1000, around which time I was glad to have a visual on the phantom otherwise I may have had to failsafe it. So for advertising 5 stars works like a charm!
    Now the cons: When it flys behind trees or structure, even at close range, you will recieve a poorer transmission and this translates to a fuzzy or grainy image. Be prepared this is to be expected. I recommend this kit if you are toying with the idea of transitioning into an FPV system. ENJOY!

  2. Trustable and excellent!! (Amazon Review)

    Posted by Jose Perdomo III on Jul 8th 2015

    Trustable and excellent!!! Read few things in the reviews and questions, didn't had to call KumbaCam. Easy task to install.
    Only need the FPV PlugNPlay Adapter ( and voilá!!!
    Also, the iOSD Mini is not mandatory but it's really cool to have Phantom2 info on screen, is a must! :)
    I'm not the kind o'geek but if you think having a little expertise, open your phantom and try to fit all the adapters and cables inside. They get protected and Phantom looks decent... I did it.

  3. Works Great so far. Takes about 15 minutes to install for the first time. (Amazon Review)

    Posted by HonestLivin on Jul 8th 2015

    So far so good! I remember reading that this has a 1300 foot radius, and that is true. Once you get about a football field and a half's distance away from your controller (Straight line of sight) it starts getting fuzzy and cutting out. But it works great until than.

    Battery Life: It will last for about 3 DJI Phantom 2 batteries. So about 45 minutes to an hour. Maybe a bit longer. Its been a few weeks since ive flown with it.

    It does make flying WAY easier though. If you want to see my flight videos check out my youtube channel 'ExploringBliss' AND 'JerryRigEverything'

    Ill also have some tips on flying up on my blog JerryRigEverything pretty soon.

  4. Works great. Had a couple of initial issues with the ... (Amazon Review)

    Posted by Guninstructor on Jul 8th 2015

    Works great. Had a couple of initial issues with the built in battery on the monitor and the charger, but Kumbacam took care of everything and sent a new battery and charger. Now it works great.

  5. ... enhanced the experience - now i can get the best video and not guessing where the camera is pointing (Amazon Review)

    Posted by Pete on Jul 8th 2015

    really enhanced the experience - now i can get the best video and not guessing where the camera is pointing. i have not done a range test so i don't know how far the fmv will transmit

  6. Still had signal at 1km away... (Amazon Review)

    Posted by Pablo N Piedra on Jul 8th 2015

    Installed my kit today and tested it out, I used the PnP and adde the iOSD. I did a clean install of the iOSD inside the phantom itself, and mounted the PnP board and transmitter outside behind the gimble. Altogether it took me about two hours to compeltely install the system. The quality of the monitor is not the best, and always has a slight horizontal static (only reason for the four stars) I took it out, semi foggy day, low cieling; I flew over an open field at 166m altitude, system started breaking up at 500m away, screen on and off with static, but I was still recieving picture at 1000m away before I decided to fly back. So range far exceeds my expectations, delivery was super fast, and sytem works.

  7. Great - easy to install FPV system (Amazon Review)

    Posted by AlexC on Jul 8th 2015

    I have had this since Christmas and have been very happy with it. Yes, there are cheaper systems out there - but this one makes it very easy to get up and running with your Phantom 2 with Zenmuse Gimbal and Go-Pro camera - The case is a little overkill as you'll find it a hassle to break down the monitor and shield each time to use it.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants a simple out of the box solution to FPV

  8. Excellent Product (Amazon Review)

    Posted by merri jensen on Jul 8th 2015

    I purchased the KumbaCam a few weeks ago and have been using it. I am now ready to write a review. I have a DJI Phantom with a GoPro Silver Hero mounted on a Zenmuse gimbal. I was very happy with the Phantom arrangement but was having great difficulty knowing where the unit actually was in the sky and of course not knowing what the video looked like that was being recorded. The KumbaCam solved all those problems. I can now look at the monitor and know exactly where I am and how far away the copter is from where I am standing. At first I wanted to look at the copter and the monitor, but realized that I would have to force myself to trust the monitor and I now can say that I do. Is it perfect? No. There are intermittent blackouts, but I just wait a few seconds and it comes back. I think it is possibly interference. Regardless, the set up works as promised. I hooked it up out of the box and it worked the first time and has worked every time. One of the best features of the KumbaCam arrangement is the mounting hardware that securely fastens the monitor to the Phantom's radio control unit. Very well made and easy to use. The sun visor is also a very important feature in that you cannot see the monitor without it.
    I contacted the KumbaCam people and suggested that they include an instruction sheet, but frankly the components are fairly intuitive. It just seemed odd that there were no instructions. They are working on that. For the money, this is the best product available. Do not fall for larger companies who say they have a product that will work. I tried that and sent it back as unworkable.
    I recommend this product to anyone who is serious about getting good video from the Phantom.

  9. Just the instructions, for those who are curious. (Amazon Review)

    Posted by Gary on Jul 8th 2015

    Just thought I would leave the install video here. The following are instruction details:

    1) Attach bracket to bottom of monitor (use attached screw and washer)
    2) Remove allen bolt and set washer from bracket. Reattach with bracket on controller hook. (use included 2.5mm allen key)
    3) Plug in the monitor charge adapter into the "DC IN" port.
    4) The screen will have a red LED while charging and a green LED when complete.
    5) Attach left and right side visors of the sunshade.
    6) Attach top side of sunshade and secure it to the side visors
    7) Attach both "RX" cloverleaf antennas to the monitor (because this is a diversity receiver, angle antennas separate for better signal)
    8) Press and hold the left most button until the red power LED comes on

    The follow are instructions when using the included batteries with a Phantom 1 charger or Universal Balance Charger [...]
    9a) Plug the battery into the red power wire on the transmitter (line up red-red and black-black)
    10a) Plug the GoPro cable into the side mini-USB port of the GoPro
    11a) Use included Velcro to attach battery and transmitter to bottom on Phantom 1 or any other vessel

    The following are instructions when using the Phantom 2 Plug and Play adapter (SOLD SEPARATELY!) [...]
    9b) Remove the GoPro cable from the transmitter and replace with the 5 pin connector from the PnP adapter
    10b) Plug the PnP power into the power wire on the transmitter (line up red-red and black-black)
    11b) Use included Velcro to attach transmitter to bottom on Phantom 2
    12b) Remove cable from gimbal
    13b) Plug cable into slot closest to the micro switch
    14b) Plug attached cable from the PnP adapter into zenmuse gimbal
    15b) Use included 3m tape to attach PnP adapter to Phantom 2
    16b) Consolidate wires to prevent any wires coming loose.
    17b) Make sure the micro switch is set to "VID"

  10. Great Product and Even Better Customer Service (Amazon Review)

    Posted by David Updegraff on Jul 8th 2015

    The product arrived as advertised and it was pretty simple to hook up. Just watched the video a couple of times and followed their instructions. I had some audio feedback and screen distortion and so I emailed the seller. I heard back from them right away. Even had their IT guy call me at home after hours to walk me though the trouble shooting. A couple of suggestions and problem solved. Then they followed up with me just to make sure I was happy.

    Customer service doesn't get any better than that. They also said that if I wasn't happy they would send me another system. I will do business with them again.

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