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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy


KumbaCam's Standard Limited Warranty is 1-year. KumbaCam guarentees that its products will serve as they were demonstrated in its website (at the time of purchase) during the Standard Limited Warranty period (1-year). If a product fails to function its purpose due to manufacturing defects during KumbaCam's Standard Limited Warranty period (1-year), then the product is covered under KumbaCam's Limited Warranty. KumbaCam's Limited Warranty does not cover the product for cosmetic defects that do not limit the product's functionality (Such as: color coherence, indistinct patterns caused by manufacturing methods, coating retouch details, scratches on the surfaces, any sounds which may occur when making adjustments on the products, etc.).

Misuse, abuse, modifications (both hardware or software) or neglect, negate KumbaCam's Standard Limited Warranty. Damage caused by improper use (false installation, misuse, accidents, personal modifications, exposure to abnormal conditions, etc.) is not covered by KumbaCam's Limited Warranty. The Limited Warranty is VOIDED if any of the tamper-proof seals are broken and/or if the product is modified or tampered with in ANY way. Customers who choose to make their own modifications to any pieces or parts of a product automatically VOID any expressed warranty by KumbaCam. KumbaCam has no liability for any 3rd party equipment which may receive damage or get lost because of possible product failure.

The components included in our system are complex in nature and failure of one component can result in damage. The warranty does not cover, and KumbaCam is not responsible in any way for damage to other equipment due to failure of component(s). KumbaCam is not responsible for misuse, any injury, or damange to personal property from the use of any equipment purchase from KumbaCam's sole obligation is to offer repairs or replacements for only the KumbaCam products.